Rediscovering The Country from SheOaks Films on Vimeo.

The film can be downloaded from here.

Australian Forest Growers (through its branch ‘Ballarat Region Treegrowers’) in conjunction with She Oaks Films are proud to present our film “Rediscovering the Country – A Journey into Landscape Restoration”.

The film helps promote our vision for Australia’s rural landscapes – one with less erosion, more beauty, plenty of native grass, trees and wildlife AND a way for people to earn an ‘environmentally friendly’ income through different kinds of tree growing.

The first public showing was on 20 June 2014 for a supporters event of the Norman Wettenhall Foundation at the Melbourne Museum.  There was also a release in Ballarat on 4 July.

The final film is freely available as a creative commons project through this website.  The project is funded by donations.

AFG wants this film to strengthen community support for the improved management of rural lands by increasing awareness within rural and urban communities of how integration of commercial and environmental tree planting into farming operations can help tackle land management problems and contribute to rural communities.

The film is aimed at people interested in landscape rehabilitation through revegetation, and who want to learn more about how such projects can be made successful and deliver desired environmental and social benefits.  It presents several community-led revegetation projects in Australia to see how they are working to improve the land, wildlife habitat and human communities. These projects have locally developed objectives, such as returning rare animal species, helping local farmers, linking remnant vegetation, repairing degraded land, and they all were generated out of action by concerned and committed community groups or individuals.

The film also shows how community activism in Sri Lanka uses the analogue forestry/regenerative agriculture technique to mimic the original forest structure and return a forest cover that produces food, natural resources and an economic income for small farmers.

We plan that the website will contain videos of unused extracts from interviews with participants in the film and others.  These videos will give information related to issues covered by the film.  We will also put on the site other information and web links related to land rehabilitation, farm forestry, analogue forestry, agro-forestry, and similar topics.

The first video is about one of the film’s participants, farmer and former CSIRO scientist, John Ive.  John and Robyn Ive used trees to help repair their farm, Talaheni in south east New South Wales.  The second video presents Lisette Mill of the Basalt to Bay Landcare Group talking about native tree shelter belts.  This group published a report on the economic benefits of native shelterbelts on farms.

Watch the site for updates.